This powerful image, based on a design by Kelsey Bogan, High School Librarian, is a community-building way to share the library's core value of INCLUSION. The activity provides quiet time for reflection, conversation and introspection. Once completed, the final collaboration stands as a symbol of the library's unwavering commitment to confronting and addressing ALL inequalities, large and small.

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StickTogether Products, LLC will produce Libraries Stand Together Against Injustice to support efforts and causes which call out social injustice, specifically Teaching Tolerance: A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Libraries Stand Together Against Injustice project is developed exclusively for the Company. Partial proceeds of the sales of product will support a cause of the Company's choice. StickTogether makes no guarantees or claims for such cause or organization and will make best effort to provide partial proceeds from the initial sales to the organization. It is at the sole discretion of the Company as to if the project continues after initial commencement and by producing the product Company makes no assumption as to furthering the distribution and production of such project for additional programs.


·   40" x 36" Poster Grid

·   3,996 Stickers (plus extra)

·   Instructions and Tips


This is a Original Color image: Many StickTogether® images do not include all of these 17 colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to work on the poster?

The poster can be taped to a wall (3M Poster Command Strips® work really well), placed flat on a large table, or mounted on foam core. Remember to hide the cover so the image remains a mystery.

How long does it take to complete a Standard Size StickTogether image?

A focused, determined group, placing stickers continuously, can finish this image in under 2 hours. At ~10 – 12 stickers a minute, six people can finish it in under one hour! In other situations, members of a whole community can add a few stickers at a time over a long period of time (weeks or even months) to stretch out the fun!

What is the optimal age for a StickTogether Sticker Poster Kit?

We say StickTogether is perfect for ages 5 – 105, and we really mean it. All ages from K – 12, to college, to inter-generational community / faith groups…even senior center residents, all engage and delight in this activity. Best of all, ALL ages can work on an image as a group! Some of our favorite StickTogether Stories involve participants of different ages and abilities, joining forces to collaborate on a StickTogether image.

I lost some stickers / I am missing stickers. Can you help me?

Email if you are missing stickers. Please remember to indicate if you believe that a new kit is missing stickers, and which stickers are missing.

Sometimes stickers ‘walked away’ while the poster was being created.

If you are missing stickers from a kit that uses our Original 17 colors, you can buy individual sticker sheets here. If you are missing stickers from a Custom Color Kit please contact for a replacement set of stickers.

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