Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace a piece if one gets lost?

Good news! Since every piece is coded on the back, we can replace lost pieces. Just email us at with the code (number and color) of the piece that is missing. We will then send you a link where you can order the replacement pieces at $5 per piece.

How long does it take to assemble a Puzzle Face?

That all depends on the number of participants. It takes about an hour for one person working alone, but a group can complete and image in ~ 15-20 minutes. Let us know your best time. @MyPuzzleFace #PuzzleFace

What is the optimal age for Puzzle Face?

Puzzle Face is perfect for ages 8 – 108, and for amy different ages working together.

Some of the pieces have slight damage from being used over and over?

Puzzle Face is designed to be used over and over, however some care needs to be taken as the puzzle is taken apart, in order not to damage the piece. A little bit of damage will not impact the final image. The piece can also be repaired with a tiny bit of glue.

Why is there no number '9' in any of the colors?

Since the number '9' is easily confused with '6', we replaced the '9' with a small icon of a puzzle piece. You will find this icon on the Image Key as well.

Will the Image Key generator app be available on desktop?

Yes. Soon.

What is that huge number on the bottom of the package?

That is the number of possible combinations of the 300 Puzzle Face pieces.  

What is the final size of a Puzzle Face?

11 1/2" x 15 5/16”

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