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Puzzle Face™

Welcome to the magic of Puzzle Face™ - 300 Pieces. Billions of possibilities. Infinite fun! With Puzzle Face, one single 300-piece puzzle can be assembled and reassembled again and again to make any face—your face, your friend’s face, or a famous face from history! It’s as easy as taking or uploading a portrait, saving the Image Key, and assembling the pieces using the Image Key as a guide. Then just flip the puzzle to reveal the Puzzle Face.

Assembling Puzzle Faces is more fun with a group, so share the excitement and Let’s ALL Puzzle Face™ together!

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How it works

Create Image Key

Use the QR Code above on your phone to add an image. Then zoom in and adjust the image until you get the Puzzle Face you like on the right. Save the Image Key for the Puzzle Face you like best.

Share Image Key

Print or share the Image Key digitally. The Image Key shows which piece goes where, and in which orientation. The Image Key is divided into six sections for easy assembly.


With the numbers facing up, sort the 300 pieces by color/number. Then assemble the puzzle using the Image Key as a guide. When all 300 pieces are attached, flip the puzzle to reveal the image.

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About Puzzle Face

Puzzle Face™ is the brainchild of Ken Knowlton, Mark Setteducati, and Hiroshi Kondo. Knowlton (1931–2022) was a trailblazer in the field of computer-generated graphics, as well as an artist. His masterpieces explore the possibilities of pixels.


When Setteducati, a seasoned magician and inventor, approached Knowlton with the idea of collaborating on a puzzle that could use one set of puzzle pieces to depict any face, Knowlton took on the challenge. They shared their invention with Kondo from Tenyo Co., a Japanese magic company. He loved the concept, partnered with Knowlton and Setteducati, and added key elements to the experience.

When we heard about this puzzle, we knew we had to bring this remarkable invention into the StickTogether family of products. After adapting the piece design, interface, and game play, with the invaluable assistance of Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr. of UniPuzzle, we are excited to share this mind-bending puzzle with you.


Still puzzled? Watch this short video!

Create your own Images keys, or download any of the ones below to assemble these Puzzle Faces.



Puzzle Face™ and
your community

Puzzle Face celebrates our commonality as well as our individuality. Making Puzzle Faces is more fun with a group. The magic of Puzzle Face is that it can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, as the activity is made up of very simple tasks. Here are some ways Puzzle Face can work with your group.


  • Puzzle Face Image Ideas: Introduce a new topic, celebrate a historical figure, highlight a student, feature the principal or any member of the school staff
  • Use as a reward
  • Community-building
  • Opening or Closing activity
  • Bellringer activity


  • Puzzle Face Image Ideas: Author, historical figure, poet, or highlight a student.
  • Passive Activity
  • Community Building Events
  • Teen Programs
  • Makerspace Ice Breaker


  • Ice-Breaker Activity
  • Activity for Early Finisher activity
  • Collaboration Activity
  • Pixel / Math Immersion (Lesson Plans coming soon)


  • Inclusive group activity

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