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Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)

Product image 1Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)
Product image 2Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)
Product image 3Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)
Product image 4Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)
Product image 5Fall Lake (Optional: Can be cut/created in sections and re-assembled)

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Fall colors in their full glory reflected in the water for extra sparking color.  

This image can be created just like any other StickTogether image - put the poster on the wall or table and gather around. BUT for those times or situations when you cannot all gather around the poster, this poster can also be cut into 8 sections (see faint cut marks on the poster). Once cut apart, each section is labeled,. There are 3 stickers pages (also labeled) associated with that section which include ALL the stickers required to complete that section.  This way you can have 8 individuals, or mini-groups, stickering separately. Then you simply tape the sections together from behind to bring the image together! 

Please note: This is a Custom Color image: It contains custom colors created especially for this image. In addition, unlike our regular images, there is no separate color key. The color key is printed on the sticker sheets.  

What's Inside

·   40" x 36" Poster Grid

·   3,996 Stickers (plus extra)

·   Instructions and Tips


Frequently Asked

Where is the best place to work on the poster?

The poster can be taped to a wall (3M Poster Command Strips® work really well), placed flat on a large table, or mounted on foam core. Remember to hide the cover so the image remains a mystery. 


How long does it take to complete a Standard Size StickTogether image?

A focused, determined group, placing stickers continuously, can finish this image in under 2 hours.  At ~10 – 12 stickers a minute, six people can finish it in under one hour! In other situations, members of a whole community can add a few stickers at a time over a long period of time (weeks or even months) to stretch out the fun!


What is the optimal age for a StickTogether?

We say StickTogether is perfect for ages 5 – 105, and we really mean it. All ages from K – 12… to College… to Community and Faith groups…all the way to Senior Center residents engage, and delight, in this activity. Best of all, ALL ages can work on an image as a group! Some of our favorite StickTogether Stories describe how participants of different ages and abilities, join forces to collaborate on a StickTogether image.


I lost some stickers (or I did not get enough stickers). Can you help me?

With the our Custom Color Kits, we cannot replace individual sticker sheets.  If you misplace one or more, email us at


Can I get a quote?

Yes. Please email with the names of the kits or bundles you wish to order. Please include your complete name, email address of party requesting quote and complete address where the goods will ship. An estimate, including shipping, will then be emailed to you.


Can I send a PO?

Yes, StickTogether accepts purchase orders. Purchase orders should be emailed to

If necessary, the PO can also mailed to:

StickTogether Products LLC

708 Greenwich St #2G

New York, New York 10014

Attn: Purchase Orders

For first time purchase orders please download and fill in the credit application and attach to your purchase order. Please also set us up as a vendor by downloading our W-9.

  Credit Application



How do we order if we are tax exempt?

Please contact for instructions. We will let you know how to send your tax exempt number as other documentation to secure your tax exempt purchase.


Do you ship to Canada? Australia? UK/Europe?

Yes, we ship USPS First Class International. You are responsible for all taxes and duties.


How much is shipping?

Please see below for shipping charges in the US.

  Shipping Chart


When will the product ship?

We usually ship the same day. If the order comes in late in the day, we will ship the following day.  But please ‘Let’s ALL StickTogether’ when in comes to long weekends. We take those days off too!





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