New Sticker Mosaic Puzzles Offer Stress-Free Jigsaw Puzzle Alternative for Families Grappling with Pressures of Staying at Home

Amidst the current social distancing and isolation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, families are discovering new ways to cope while staying at home. While many outlets report a jigsaw puzzle shortage, StickTogether is meeting the demand with a range of over 30 sticker mosaic puzzle posters made in the USA.

"We are grateful to see the many ways StickTogether is helping families cope with the current reality," according to company founder, Sylvia Stein. "So many parents are working from home while supervising their kids and their education. Our kits offer a stress-free, device-free break that results in a beautiful poster and provides a sense of accomplishment."

The company has a loyal following amongst educators and librarians.  Since closures began last month, Stein reports that families are increasingly seeking out StickTogether kits and have even begun displaying the images in windows and front yards as an expression of community and solidarity.

The puzzles are assembled in a method similar to paint-by-numbers and have a unique twist as the image is not revealed until the puzzle is completed. A standard StickTogether poster measures 40 inches by 36 inches and costs between $29.99 to $36.00. Each kit includes a coded poster, color key and 3,996 stickers, enough to complete the image with extras. Two to five family members working continuously can complete a poster in about two hours, although most families break up the session over a period of several days.

"I've begun saving the mosaic sticker posters for when I need to be on a conference call and can't be interrupted," says Larken Lech of Nashville, Tennessee. "My kids stay engaged and there's no fighting or bickering. It's been a lifesaver!"

While families continue to stay at home the company is offering a $4.00 discount on each kit through the end of June using CODE: FAMILY.

According to market research company, Ipsos, 59% of people surveyed complete puzzles to relax; 57% for fun; 42% as a brain booster and 34% as a social way to connect.

"Our kits usually bring multiple generations together which is how StickTogether was born. Unfortunately, we are at a time when this isn't possible, and many feel isolated and in need of distraction," according to Stein. "We look forward to the time when people will again be able to gather together but until then we're glad to be able to offer an activity that provides quality time for families."

StickTogether Products LLC offers dozens of options including Van Gogh's Starry Night, animals, seasonal and whimsical themes. In addition to librarians and teachers, the kits have become popular with faith and community groups, senior centers and special needs classrooms.

The puzzles are recommended for ages five years to 105 and offer a collaborative activity in which the image starts as a mystery – just a blank canvas – and builds as everyone "sticks together," to create a masterpiece.  The company is based in New York City with offices in Denver, CO.

For additional information or to purchase a kit please visit or call (303) 941-7829.

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