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Virtual Stickerboards™

Working synchronously or asynchronously, now you can engage as few as a handful, and up to hundreds of participants, with a virtual version of StickTogether. Everyone works on their own devices to create an image together.

Create Virtual Stickerboard

How it works


Choose an image for the Stickerboard. Configure the dashboard.

Create Virtual Stickerboard


Copy the unique url. Anyone who clicks on that link can add to that Stickerboard. No sign-in required!


Synchronously, or asynchronously…on separate devices in a shared space or from far flung locations... Let's ALL StickTogether to reveal the image!

Virtual Stickerboard 1-2-3 Basics

Virtual Stickerboard™ Subscription Pricing

To access all of our images and galleries, and for the full Stickerboard experience, please find pricing for our yearly subscription below.

Learn more about Community Plan

How do I cancel my Virtual Stickerboard subscription plan?

·   You can cancel your Virtual Stickerboard subscription plan at any time using this link. When you cancel, you will still enjoy all the enhanced features of your plan until the original term expires.

Try it

Just click on a letter to select a color. Then click on the corresponding letter in the grid to fill in that color.

To ZOOM click on the magnifier icon and then again on a section of the image.

We set a daily sticker limit of 10 stickers per participant, per day.

Our Virtual Stickerboard™ gallery is updated regularly. Here is a small sample of over 50 images currently in the gallery.


Explore more

Virtual Stickerboards™ and your community

StickTogether Virtual Stickerboards are highly versatile. Explore some benefits and use-cases here, and be sure to check out our social media for new ideas from our ever-growing StickTogether community


  • Brain Break
  • Opening / Closing Activity
  • Reward
  • Community-Building


  • Community Patron Engagement Activity
  • Facebook Page Activity
  • Outreach Activity to Promote Library as the Heart of the School
  • Teen Programs
  • Makerspace Ice Breaker


  • Ice-Breaker Activity
  • Activity for Early Finisher activity
  • Collaboration Activity
  • Pixel Immersion Activity (see Fun with Pixels Worksheet)

Schoolwide/After School

  • Scheduled School Wide 'Pixel Party'
  • Inter- Grade Activity - 2 or more classes working on the same image
  • School Spirit Community-Building
  • Versatile After-School Program activity
  • Professional Development Team-building


  • Calming Activity

Special Needs

  • Inclusive Activity for all Ages and Abilities

Senior Facilities

  • Scheduled Pixel Party's at Sundown
  • Combating Social Isolation

Therapy/OT/Mental Wellness

  • Calming Activity for Families During Long-term Care


  • Team-Building
  • Communications Vehicle (Custom Campaign)

StickTogether Reviews

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