About Us

StickTogether is much more than stickers and pixels. StickTogether is a product of our rich and diverse community. We feel honored by, and grateful for, everyone who is a part of the StickTogether community.

Our Story

StickTogether was created for MakerFaireNY 2015 with the sole purpose of engaging the maker community. The rest our story is entirely thanks to the loyal, dedicated and immensely creative StickTogether community of librarians, teachers, media specialists, counselors, activity directors and others. These visionaries saw in our Sticker Poster Kits a way to address basic needs and values that we could never have imagined for this simple concept.

StickTogether Products launched in 2016 with a collection of Sticker Poster Kits. We now sell over 75 images and frequently add new images, often suggested by our community. We continue to innovate our Sticker Posters, for example, the addition of Secret Messages which are now coded into many of our images.

In the Spring of 2020, when schools and libraries closed for the pandemic and social distancing protocols were implemented, it goes without saying that our Sticker Poster Kits, intended as a group activity, were not COVID-friendly. The StickTogether community implored us to create a digital version. While we were initially reluctant to stray from the ‘face-to-face’ interactions integral in the Sticker Poster experience, we launched the Virtual Stickerboard™ platform in September of 2020. Over 50,000 users jumped on board in the first 3 weeks. The rest…yes, again…is entirely thanks to the StickTogether community, which showed us that our Virtual Stickerboards could mimic, and in some situations surpass, the community-building and ‘brain break’ relaxation benefits of our Sticker Posters. We continue to update and innovate on our Virtual Stickerboard platform to reach audiences the world over.

In 2022 we launched our 3rd product – Pixel Sticker Packs connected to our Pixel Art platform, which encourages students and others to create their own pixel art and sticker experience. Here again, while we created this product as a way for our customers to use leftover stickers, we were amazed by the resourcefulness and creativity that librarians, teachers and students brought to this interface.

We are honored by, and grateful for, everyone who is a part of our StickTogether Community. This includes our special consultant Shannon Miller (Library Consultant), our tireless Ambassadors, everyone who tweets or emails about their StickTogether experience, those who send ideas and encouragement, and all who share the StickTogether effect within their walls.

Our mission is to provide inclusive activities where participants (ages 5-105!) can relax, be themselves, connect with others, and be part of something special. Hearing how this mission comes to life in your communities is what drives us every day.

Let’s ALL StickTogether!

Our Team

Sylvia Stein

Founder / Creator

Mary Ann Lombard

Director of Operations and Business Development

Brianna Cua

Director of Digital Marketing and Community

Shannon McClintock Miller

Library Consultant and Community Director

Nicole Orr

Customer Relations Manager

Benjy Burditt

Business Advisor

Julie Philips

Math / STEM Consultant

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