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‘Paint by numbers’ but with pixel stickers, this communal, analog activity instantly engages all ages and abilities. The image starts as a mystery – just a blank canvas – and builds as everyone ‘sticks together.’

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How it works

Hide the cover

Open the kit and hide the cover. It’s much more fun when you keep them guessing.

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Unfold the poster

Grab some stickers. Check the color key. Place the stickers in the coded squares.

Sticker Poster Kit 1-2-3 Basics

Let's StickTogether

When the final sticker is placed,
step back for the image to pop into focus.

Sticker Poster Kit Details

Sticker posters come in 2 sizes: Standard: 40” x 36”; 3,996 stickers; and Large Format: 60” x 36”; 7,040 stickers.

Each kit includes a folded, coded poster; colored stickers - enough to complete the image + extras; color key; tips and instructions.

Color Keys come in two styles: Our original 17 color Color Key with full pages of 221 single color stickers; or Custom Color Color Key with the letters also printed on the stickers themselves.

Using Sticker Poster Kits

StickTogether Sticker Poster Kits are highly versatile. Explore some benefits and use-cases here, and be sure to check out our social media (@byStickTogether) for new ideas from our ever-growing StickTogether community


  • Stress-free Zen Zone
  • Opening / Closing Activity
  • SEL/DEI Programming
  • Cumulative Reward (Behavior, Attendance, Accomplishments)
  • Community-building
  • Teaching Aid (see Choice Boards for certain kits)
  • Curriculum Connections


  • Passive Activity
  • Community Building Events
  • Cumulative Reward (Books Read / Returned)
  • Teen Programs
  • Makerspace Ice Breaker


Schoolwide/After School

  • Device-free Activity
  • K - 12 Inter-grade Activity
  • School Spirit Community-Building
  • Versatile After-School Program activity
  • Professional Development Team-building
  • Staff Room Favorite


  • Eases Difficult Conversations
  • Engages All Ages and Personalities
  • Serves as an Equalizer / Levels the Playing Field

Special Needs

  • Physical Benefits (Shared Space; Fine Motor Skills; Hand-Eye Coordination)
  • Cognitive Benefits (Self Control; Following Instructions; Sustained Attention)
  • Social / Emotional benefits (Combatting Social Isolation; Foster New Relationships, Working Toward a Shared Goal
  • Enthusiastic Participants Include Those on the Spectrum; with Downs Syndrome or Other Developmental Disabilities (High, Medium and Low Functioning) and their Families

Senior Facilities

  • Weekly or Special Programming
  • Combating Social Isolation
  • Community-Building
  • Inclusive Passive- Activity
  • Memory Care Aid

Therapy/OT/Mental Wellness

  • Group Therapy Aid
  • Expressive Therapy Aide
  • Art Therapy Activity
  • Calming Activity for Families During Long-term Care


  • Team-Building
  • Break Room Activity
  • Communications Vehicle (Custom Campaign)
  • Training Aid

Take it further

Some of our Sticker Poster Kits include a Secret Message. When you first start to sticker the poster, look for a dot (•) in the corner of some of the squares. Use the color key to sticker those squares first to reveal the secret message.

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