Pixel Art

Students create colorful Pixel Art on our FREE Pixel Art interface, and download a coded worksheet of their creation. Then they ‘sticker’ their creations, using the Original (17 color) Color Key as a guide. Or switch and swap worksheets and have them ‘sticker’ each others’ creations. It’s a great way to use leftover stickers. And if you run out of stickers, you can find Pixel Art Sticker Packs in our shop.

Pixel Art Canvas                           

Pixel Art Sticker Packs

How it works


Use the FREE Pixel Art Canvas. Just click on a color and start drawing in pixels.

Pixel Art Canvas


Print a coded worksheet for each Pixel Art creation.

Pixel Art 1-2-3 Basics


‘Sticker’ the image using the original (17 color) Color Key as a guide.

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Pixel Art and your community

Pixel Art is highly versatile. Explore some benefits and use-cases here, and be sure to check out our social media for new ideas from our ever-growing StickTogether community



  • Commnunity Gallery - Patrons Create Pixel Portraits
  • Makerspace Ice Breaker


  • Ice-Breaker Activity
  • Activity for Early Finishers

Schoolwide/After School

  • Easy and Mess-free After School Activity


  • Relaxing and Rewarding Activity

Special Needs

  • Relaxing and Rewarding Activity
  • All Ages and Abilities Create Pixel Art

Therapy/OT/Mental Wellness

  • Calming and Rewarding Activity

Examples of Pixel Art created by students (Grade 1).

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