Connecting the Dots to Stick Together

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Connecting the Dots to Stick Together

Everyone has talents, and it feels great to express them. Some people can sing, paint, or dance, while others might be able to teach, build, or show empathy.

Sometimes it just takes a caring teacher, parent, or friend to help you find your special gift. And there is a day to celebrate and encourage that part in all of us!

International Dot Day is a worldwide celebration that encourages everyone to “make their mark.”

Teacher Terry Shay started a global movement in 2009 when he shared the 2003 book, The Dot, with his class. Peter H. Reynolds’ story shares the tale of a teacher who helps a student discover her inner confidence and talent by starting with one small dot on a piece of paper.

Years later, the annual event has spread to classrooms, libraries, and homes around the planet. Because of COVID-19, this year’s International #DotDay celebration may be different, but organizers have selected the theme “Connecting the Dots!” because we’re “All in This Together!”

It is the same philosophy we have here at StickTogether®, where we have also embraced the idea of #togetherathome!

Here are five ways you can be a part of International Dot Day this year to make your own mark!

Mosaic Sticker Puzzle

1)    Be a part of the fun

Register online for this year’s event on Sept. 15. Teachers (or parents who are teaching from home!) can get a free Educator’s Handbook here. You’ll find suggestions and ideas to celebrate creativity.

More than 17 million creative folks have already signed up to celebrate in 185 countries.

2)    Stick Together

Not sure what project to pick? Try a fun, collaborative project like StickTogether, the colorful mosaic sticker puzzle that is fun for all ages and abilities.

Our mission blends beautifully with the #DotDay message. We love celebrating collective achievement as families, friends, communities, or classrooms find ways to “make their mark” together, building interpersonal connections and having a magical moment together as they complete their “stick by number” puzzle.

Use your mosaic puzzle to inspire your own dot or use extra pixels included in your puzzle to create something new and geometric. It’s up to you!

3)    Share Your Dots and Pixels

Show your pride in your projects and see what other people are doing on Dot Day social media. You can also find out more about Dot Day ahead of time on the Dot Day Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages. Be sure to use the hashtags #DotDay, #DotsForLight, #InternationalDotDay, and #Makeyourmark.

We’d love to see your StickTogether projects, too! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use #WeStickTogether, #togetherathome, and #distancelearning to share your StickTogether projects with other makers.

Puzzle for kids in school

4)    Be Inspired

Get ideas from other “dot”-ers or “stick”-ers. Lots of authors, illustrators, and celebrities have shared their own “Dot” art. You can see it here.

And remember, your dot is your own, so have fun!

Get inspiration from artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, or Edvard Munch while doing a StickTogether mosaic puzzle, then take those ideas into your dot.

Or think about animals, like brightly colored parrots, butterflies, or unicorns for a more nature-inspired circle.

StickTogether puzzles come in two sizes—one with nearly 4,000 square stickers and another with more than 7,000 stickers. Use the color key to match up the correct color to the letter on the grid, just like paint by numbers, and you’ll watch as your picture comes to life, one ½-inch square at a time.

The mosaic puzzles are perfect for all abilities, from ages 5 to 105.

5)    Make Your Mark on Sept. 15-ish

Dot Day is celebrated on Sept. 15, but don’t worry if you can’t do it on that day. There’s a lot happening right now. Dot Day organizers and all of us at StickTogether believe that it is especially important to celebrate creativity throughout the year, whenever you can, in whatever ways you can.

Mosaic Sticker Puzzle for Dot Day

Share your talents and your dots to inspire us and others.

For more information about #InternationalDotDay, go to Find out more about StickTogether on our FAQ page.

Be safe and stay healthy as we are all in this together!

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