Give Students Brains A Boost With Brain Breaks

Today we are talking brain breaks! A brain break is a break from whatever kids are focusing on. This could be anything from homework to chores. Some kids need a brain break when they are getting frustrated or distracted. Breaks for these kids should be scheduled by intervals of time to decrease the likelihood of them getting to that point. Other kids might need a brain break for staying focused for a certain amount of time or by completing a task. 

Brain breaks for kids during work time have been shown to have real benefits! They can reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration, while helping kids to boost their brain function and be more productive. How do we easily incorporate brain breaks into daily schedules? Below you will find ideas on how to give students' brains a boost with brain breaks.

 Use StickTogether As A Brain Break 

Did you know that StickTogether requires integrated use of multiple brain regions, including the visual cortex, temporal lobes, and motor cortex? StickTogether also engages their frontal lobe when planning and using working memory to strategize about how to complete the task. When students use these brain regions individually and in concert, it improves their functioning. Making StickTogether the perfect brain break! 

We have been seeing so many of you sharing amazing photos on social media of your students using StickTogether as a brain break! For students who need to move or need to take regular breaks, StickTogether provides an activity that they can visit when they need a soothing and calming brain break. Our new Peace & Love Trio would be a great option to share a little peace, love, and understanding.

Get Students Moving With Sanford Fit

Sanford Fit features dynamic, meaningful resources and programs that empower children and activate lifelong healthy behaviors! They offer FREE lessons, printables, videos, and more designed for teachers by teachers. Do your students need a brain break to get the wiggles out? Sanford Fit has lots of options for educational brain breaks that are sure to increase productivity.

One option is to use Sanford Fit’s fitBoost for a 3-minute break. All you have to do is click “Let’s Go!” and you’ll get three fun moves designed to get your kids warmed up, moving, and cooled down! It’s perfect for physical fitness and mental alertness. Plus, there are easy-to-print cards with dozens of action-packed brain breaks to have on hand. For more check out this page from Sanford Fit.

 Activate Mindfulness Powers With Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind offers a collection of hundreds of meditations for a wide variety of ages and situations. There are grounding body scans, breathing meditations, and sensory exercises such as listening to music or tasting foods. Students can enjoy short meditations that are great to promote a brain break. 

Smiling Mind also has a six-year "Mindfulness Curriculum" for educators to use with their students with complementary student versions. Users can mark their favorite meditations and track their meditation practice on a dashboard. You can also download meditations for offline use. Learn more about this FREE app here

How are you giving students brains a boost with brain breaks? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. And as always, feel free to send an email to
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