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How To Create And Share Your Virtual Stickerboards

Have you tried our Virtual Stickboards? Whether you are a veteran of our product or just getting started this post will help you learn all about how to create and share your Virtual Stickboard. Don’t know what our Virtual Stickboards are? Our Virtual Stickboards takes the lettered grid system we use for our physical mosaic sticker puzzles and shrinks it to “fit” to your computer screen! We can't always be together, but we can always StickTogether!

Step 1 

Start by signing into the Stickerboard platform. You don’t need a password, just your email address. Then check your email for a confirmation email and click on the link to confirm your email address. Now you are all set to create your Stickerboard! 

Step 2 

Retrieve your FREE Stickerboard CODE (like a ticket) and / or purchase additional codes here. For your FREE Code, ‘purchase’ 1 Stickerboard for $5. Then add CODE: VIRTUAL at checkout for the $5 for be refunded. To purchase CODES, just pull down to see the various bundle options, for example 10 Stickerboards for $12, or 25 for $20.

Step 3 

You will receive 2 emails. You can ignore the first one - it is only a receipt. The second email with the subject: CREATE YOUR STICKERBOARDS contains your CODE(S). If you get more then one CODE, copy the list into a word document or spreadsheet, and be sure to remove a CODE from the list once you have used it. This email also contains links to two tutorial videos, Creating Your FIRST Virtual Stickerboard-Tutorial and Navigating the Virtual Stickerboard-Tutorial.

 Step 4 

Go to the Stickerboard platform. Copy and paste ONE Code into the REDEEM My Sticker Code field. Choose an image from the gallery - give it a title but don’t give the image away. Also add your name - both of these can be changed later. Then click Let’s Go!, and confirm the image.

Step 5 

The next step is to configure your dashboard! Here you can limit how many stickers each participant addresses each day (optional) and add a final message that everyone will see when the Stickerboard is completed. It is important to know that every time you change anything in the dashboard, MAKE SURE TO CLICK: SAVE!

Step 6 

Retrieve and SHARE the unique invitation link for your Stickerboard. Anyone with this link can add ‘stickers’ to your Stickerboard - no registration or sign-in required for participants. Your Invitation link will look something like this: https://letstick.to/session/17c32034

How are you celebrating togetherness for the holidays? Share with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest. And as always, feel free to send an email to support@letsticktogether.com.

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