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It's a Snow Day...Now What?

It’s a snow day. The kids are outside having a snowball fight with neighborhood friends. You invite everyone in for hot chocolate. It’s not even noon…now what?

5 Device-free ways to keep the gang happy indoors:

Break out the Lego – collaborate on some new creations.

Make sculpture, collages or other masterpieces with things found around the house. Afterward, mount a ‘group show.’

Board games! Where kids interact with each other, instead of a screen.

Make ‘Slime’ using pantry ingredients (never gets old.) Remind everyone – firmly and frequently - that upholstery is off-limits!

Set up a StickTogether (for added fun, hide the cover so they can guess what the image will be.) Everyone can join in - little brothers, big sisters, even babysitters or parents!

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