Story Winner: Keeping Them Guessing

We’re delighted that StickTogether (and Van Gogh!) helped Liz Smith Yeats, a Public Image Coordinator for the Rotary Club of Detroit, bring people together at a recent conference. Her assignment was to help unify the organization’s identity and further understanding of its work around the world. “We can inspire new people to join us to continue the service that we do. For example, we have been at the forefront of Polio eradication for over 30 years.”

Setting up a StickTogether ‘Starry Night’ poster at her table proved a great lure. “It brought people over and provoked lots of good conversation. We could load them up with some brochures and swag, and they had fun at the table while sticking and visiting.”

 “Folks were sometimes shy about joining in,” Liz elaborates, “but I just handed them a sheet of stickers and said ‘Your letter is H.’ After a few awkward stickers, they were soon bent over and really laying them down.” She adds, “I didn’t let them know what they were making and withheld the yellow and orange stickers until the end, as I thought that would be a dead give-away. I needn’t have worried. It wasn’t until nearly the end that folks got it.”

On the conference’s second day, Liz gave everyone a not-too-subtle hint. “I stood behind the table wearing a ‘Starry Night’ tee shirt. Folks looked right at me and didn’t get it. I would have them step back… then their eyes would light up. It was great fun!”

At her next event, Liz plans to try Munch’s ‘The Scream,’ from StickTogether’s Masterpeice Collection. "And before you ask,” she confirms, “yes, I do have a ‘Scream’ shirt too!”


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