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Story Winner: Helping Students with Disabilities Learn About Computers

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Story Winner: Helping Students with Disabilities Learn About Computers

Many thanks to Trish Auletta for sharing her experience teaching an ‘Introduction to Computers’ class to students with disabilities.

Trish explains, “Quite often, topics are so conceptual that students struggle to be able to apply and understand them. Such topics also typically require so much 1:1 support, that collaboration among students isn’t possible. One of those topics dealt with pixels. Students struggled to understand that the pictures they looked at on the computers were made up of smaller ‘shapes’ put together.”

Her school’s librarian came to the rescue, suggesting StickTogether. Trish purchased several large format posters. “On the first one (the tiger,) we allowed students to place the stickers without knowing why. They enjoyed themselves and worked on social skills and collaboration. When they were done, we lined them up, held the picture up close to them and then started backing away. Watching their eyes go wide once the “pixels” took shape was simply remarkable!”

Building on that success, her class completed several more StickTogether posters. “After the first surprise, they now gather at the end of each class period trying to guess the picture! An added bonus came when our occupational therapist came by our class. She was thrilled with StickTogether and how it helped with student’s fine motor skills.”

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