Testimonial: The 613 Mitzvah Campaign

In early December we attended the installation of Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz as the new Senior Rabbi at the Westchester Jewish Center in Mamaroneck, NY.

StickTogether was an integral part of this event!  Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz had arranged for a Custom StickTogether with 613 x 8 (4,904) stickers as a way to engage the whole community in the ‘613 Mitzvah Campaign.’ 

There are 613 Mitzvot (good deeds) listed in the Torah. For the 613 Campaign Rabbi Arnowitz charged the WJC community with performing 613 mitzvot between September and his installation in December.  For each mitzvah performed, 8 stickers were added to the poster.

The mitzvot ranged from sharing a meal and a conversation with a homeless person… visiting a sick friend… playing a game with a grandparent in their assisted living home….including a child with Special Needs in a music program… to many food, toy and fund donations. The final eight stickers were added at the installation, in front of the whole community.

StickTogether is proud to have been part of this heartwarming and powerful celebration of community.

Want to create your own StickTogether campaign? Contact Us, we'd love to help!




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  • That is really cool!

    Cindy deRosier

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