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We ALL Scream for StickTogether! 3 Ways to Get StickTogether For Your Library, Classroom or School.

Our mission is to share StickTogether with as many communities as possible. We know how difficult it can be for schools, librarians and teachers to purchase the experiences that they would like to share with their communities. Here are a few ways to make it easier to bring StickTogether to your Library, Classroom or School.

1. Add StickTogether to the PTA or Class Parents' Wish List

2. Donors Choose - Lots of classrooms use Donors Choose to fund SickTogether!

3. Put in a good word for StickTogether at your local / district / regional or other School Board, and put us in touch with them. We would be happy to work with them on a good price for a larger order for the whole community!

Let's ALL StickTogether to Make our School Communities Stronger

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