Educators / Libraries / MakerSpaces

Perfect for community-building, a cumulative reward system, a way to celebrate the season, a social brain break or an engaging, inclusive introductory activity for any Maker Space. And for Seniors and College students, StickTogether is the perfect stress-free activity that brings everyone together.


StickTogether is the hands-on way for students to experience pixels as they learn about image resolution. Close up the image is just a pattern of squares. But step back and the pixels ‘pop’ into focus! Add a few math lessons and art projects, and you have the perfect experiential STEM/STEAM activity for all ages.

Senior Center Activity

A puzzle without the stress...A craft activity everyone can participate in. But best of all, put out a StickTogether for community days and other multi-generational family gatherings. It’s the perfect way to bring all generations together!

Special Needs / OT / Mental Health

StickTogether can be used to improve, practice, enhance: visual scanning, fine motor skills, visual tracking, motor planning; eye-hand coordination; social interactions (both, working in parallel and turn-taking) and letter recognition. But best of all it levels the playing field so EVERYONE, of all abilities and personalities, can relax and create something beautiful together.

Corporate / Marketing

For special events or marketing initiatives, make sure to contact us to explore Custom images.

Family Reunions

StickTogether brings all generations of your family together around a relaxed and casual activity. It’s also a great back-up plan for a rainy day!

Office / Team Building / HR

Team-building…Passive break room activity… Ice-breaker…StickTogether brings lively collaboration and casual connections to the office, and adds a little fun diversion to the workday.

Museums / Children's Museums

For Family Day programming, or as a permanent ‘Sticker Station’, StickTogether is the easy, fun, no mess Museum Activity that keeps them coming back for more. For special events or marketing initiatives, make sure to contact us to explore Custom images.

Community Centers / After School / Camp

Community-building is at the core of your mission. StickTogether jumpstarts the community-building process so your programming can have a greater impact.

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