Teacher Appreciation
Week Giveaway

Now there’s a fun, inclusive, engaging way for the entire community to celebrate your teachers…as a community!

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, StickTogether is kicking off the Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway starting on Monday, May 8th 2023! We will give away one Standard Size Sticker Poster Kit every day of this week to one person who schedules and executes a Pixel Party with over 100 people participating on a Virtual Stickerboard at one time.

K–12 educators are encouraged to work collaboratively with students and/or colleagues to complete the Virtual Stickerboard™ (every day of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8th - 12th) and share a picture or video of the activity in action with over 100 people on Twitter for a chance to win a Standard Size Sticker Poster Kit for their classroom or school!

Here’s How To Participate:

  • Register or sign in for free Virtual Stickerboards: letstick.to/gallery/teacher-appreciation-week-2023
  • Go to your Virtual Stickerboard account and schedule a Virtual Stickerboard Pixel Party.
  • Share the invitation link, or QR code, to your scheduled Pixel Party with us at virtual@letsticktogether.com along with the name of the organizer.
  • Take screenshot or photo of the participation number (top right of the Stickerboard) showing over 100 participants in the Stickerboard.
  • Video either or both - the Stickerboard being filled in (it should take under ~ 1 minute) and / or a video/ or photo of the group ’sticking together.’
  • Share an image or video on Twitter with the number of participants (number on top right of Stickerboard) tagging @byStickTogether with #WeStickTogether #TeacherAppreciationWeek #PixelParty

Each weekday between Monday, May 8th, 2023 and Friday, May 12th, 2023, StickTogether will choose one winner at random to receive a physical Standard Size Sticker Poster Kit* (a $36 value +shipping) for their classroom or school.

Have fun!

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