A New Way to StickTogether at Work

Boosting Morale At Work

A New Way to StickTogether at Work

The watercooler may be a little different when you get back to the office. Heck, there may not even be a watercooler anymore.

Let’s face it: Gathering spots at work have gone the way of 2020 – down the tubes and unlikely to return.

But as more and more businesses are expecting employees to come back into offices to work, they’ll need to find ways to tap into their most important asset – the creativity that lives inside the people who make the business what it is. “Human capital” is a cold phrase to describe the value of what employees bring when their ideas breathe life into something on paper. So, to give inspiration to employees, they’ll have to find a way to reignite that spark.

Enter StickTogether®. Our mosaic sticker puzzles come together one sticker at a time and can bring colleagues back together – one sticker at a time.

StickTogether puzzles are like paint-by-numbers, except with stickers. There’s a large grid with letters in each box, and each letter corresponds to a specific color. Slowly, the image comes to life as you apply more and more of the thousands of stickers to the grid.

Covid Safe Activities For Work

People NEED a way to have their morale boosted. They need to have fun. And they need each other.

This is an inclusive and fun activity that is still COVID-19 safe. Hang the grid in a relatively open space and give workers their own stickers, so they don’t have to come in close contact with other people.

Corporate team-building doesn’t have to be stodgy. And it doesn’t have to happen all at once, in a 60-minute conference room. The beauty of the StickTogether puzzles is they can be done in just a few hours or slowly, over days or weeks.

It also doesn’t require a team to plan or explain it, and there are no limits or boundaries on who can use it. Engineers, creative teams, CEOs, interns – all of them will be able to stick one of the colorful squares on the grid.

It’s a really stressful time – and this creative outlet can be a way to let go. It is simply a chance to take a break and work on something that isn’t controversial, political, or related to the challenging issues that have faced all of us this year. StickTogether puzzles are simply a colorful collaboration without competition, a deadline, or a winner and a loser. The only motive is to find out what the image will be!

The hardest part will be deciding on which pattern to select. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. From seasonal and nature images to fine art collections, there’s something for everyone. Standard size puzzles have nearly 4,000 stickers and measure 40’’ x 36’’. The larger 60” x 36” grid has more than 7,000 stickers in the kit.

StickTogether can also make custom images for businesses. Just contact our team for more information about what image will work best for the highly pixelated/low-resolution format.  

And for teams that AREN’T coming back in person? That’s ok – you will not have to miss out!

There are virtual StickTogether puzzles, too. You can try one out for free and then buy more individual or in bundles. The picture can be worked on a little at a time, and the team can share these virtual connections around the world.

Once you’re back in the office, we would love to see how you and your team are safely using StickTogether at work. Be sure to be socially distanced or wear masks and wash your hands before and after “sticking” to keep with CDC guidelines. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Pinterest with your finished creations!

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