Better Than Paint By Number!

Adult Paint By Number

Better Than Paint By Number!

Remember when you were a carefree kid and were able to play, run, color, and make crafts like paint by number? When and why did we grow out of that?

Now, more than ever, couldn’t we all use that kind of calming activity? What if there WAS an adult version of paint by number? Even better, what if it required less set up, no cleanup, and could be done with other adults (or the rest of the family?)

Unlike the rest of 2020, there is some good news: Such a thing exists. And just like your tastes, this craft creation is just a little more refined.

Introducing StickTogether®, a colorful sticker mosaic kit, made up of almost 4,000 ½-inch squares and a coded poster grid. Just like a paint-by-number picture, each color sticker corresponds to a space on the grid. Simply find the corresponding color by using the color key, and stick! Then repeat. (OK. Repeat 3,995 times for a standard puzzle). But don’t worry, it goes quickly – the average “stickerer” applies between 10 to 12 pieces per minute.

This fun, stress-free activity has been a favorite activity for years in schools and libraries, but during the COVID-19 quarantine, plenty of adults have been (re)discovering the relaxing, healing power of crafts and handmade hobbies. Stick Together was created about five years ago by a grown-up and lifelong maker and innovator Sylvia Stein, who hoped to engage the Maker community in a casual, collaborative fun project.

Then, as now, the kits are engaging adults of all ages to tap into their maker/crafter side. With more than 30 kits from which to choose, you can find a picture to delight almost anyone – from animal lovers to art aficionados wanting to create their own masterpieces.

Puzzles For Adults

How to start

When you end the day that’s been jam-packed with Zoom calls and never-ending emails, turn off your computer, set down your phone, and take a deep breath. StickTogether is the perfect activity to quiet your mind. Focus on this grown-up paint-by-number creation while you sip a glass of wine and watch as your creation comes to life, one sticker at a time.

Clear your space

Find a table or a wall on which you affix your blank canvas. Then get your color key ready and match the color-coded stickers to the corresponding letters on the grids. It’s stick by letter, instead of paint by number, but it’s still easy and fun!

Find Your Zen

There’s something SO soothing and meditative to this sticker-by-sticker activity, it’s sure to bring down your stress level, and best of all, it is screen-free. Listen to music or a book while your stickering, for the perfect mini stay-cay break.

 Fun Activities For Adults

Stick, stick, stuck!

Can’t finish it all at once? Don’t worry. Your stickers are sticky enough to stay in place. You can come back to it later and work some more. Got other folks at home with you? Have them get in on the fun, too. StickTogether kits are perfect for any age or ability.

Personalize it!

Want to create something all your own? No problem. StickTogether can create custom, one-of-a-kind images of your favorite person, place, or thing. Just work together with the StickTogether staff to select the best photograph that will generate the most striking final design. Bold shapes and colors work best.

Stick again

The best part of a StickTogether kits is finishing your design.

The worst part is that the craft is complete. But don’t worry, there are plenty more StickTogether mosaic kit to discover, at a cost that will be easy to fit into your budget. Two of our most popular designs are on sale – PEACE and PANDA – for only $29. And because everyone needs to save a little right now, all standard kits are on sale. Save $4 with the keyword SUMMER at checkout.

We love hearing from our fans of all ages. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to show us what you created!
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  • Hi do you know someone in Australia that does what you were doing as my special needs daughter would love to do this we want to order a few things but won’t let me order it I was going to order the owl and see how she went


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