Boosting Spirits, Building Teams, One Sticker at a Time

Boosting Spirits, Building Teams, One Sticker at a Time

As 2021 begins, all of us at StickTogether are reflecting on the things we’ve learned in 2020, the losses we have suffered, and the hope that we have going into the new year. We hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

Everything is undoubtedly different, but now, many businesses and corporations are looking ahead to find ways to boost morale this year, making spirits brighter and re-engaging individual employees and the teams that make a company successful.

Starting this year with fresh energy will mean bringing innovative ideas to those virtual Zoom happy hours and even routine meetings.

As a leader, you can also be known as the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) when you start hosting the best virtual meetings and bring “extra” zest to work. One way to do that and develop company morale is to create community engagement through outreach.

Virtual Icebreakers

At StickTogether®, the pandemic forced us to think creatively, allowing us to transform our stick-by-number mosaic sticker puzzles into a virtual form. So now, instead of using physical stickers matched to a corresponding letter on a grid-like paint-by-numbers, you can just “click” each pixel to life. And multiple people can work on one puzzle together, just by sharing an online code.

We think this kind of collaboration and brainstorming can be an excellent way for offices to take breaks together or do something fun together during those virtual happy, instead of just listening to one person talk about their weekend plans. It’s fun, easy, and inexpensive.

As more businesses welcome employees back to the physical office in person, Stick Together can also be a Covid-19 safe way to introduce team bonding – just post it in a large, shared workspace and give everyone their own stickers.  

If you buy $100 worth of our sticker mosaic puzzle posters, you’ll get 25 free sticker boards – a $20 value!

Giving Back

Health care and front-line workers have been the true heroes, and what better way to give back than to sponsor large StickTogether gifts to hospitals and other companies who need them. We can help you customize your gifts with logos of your business and local hospitals, firehouses, police departments or schools who might be interested in community projects.

We’ll work with you to select the perfect image that works best (highly pixilated/low-resolution format is best), and we can let you know about pricing. Just contact our custom image department and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also select from seasonal and nature images or fine art patterns, with two sizes from which to choose. The standard size puzzles have nearly 4,000 stickers and measure 36’’ x 40’’. A larger grid measures at 60” x 36” grid and takes more than 7,000 stickers to complete the image.

Find out more about ways to connect with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, or send an email to

Let’s work together to bring the best out of each other in 2021. Stay safe and Stick Together!

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