Outrunning the Digital Avalanche This Season (Let’s StickTogether®!)


Outrunning the Digital Avalanche This Season (Let’s StickTogether!)

Emails. Texts. Instant message dings. Even in your personal channels, you’re smothered with flashy offers for pre-holiday, holiday, post-holiday, non-holiday, and “just because” sales, deals, BOGOs, and CAN’T-MISS specials on everything blingy and techy.

It feels like a digital avalanche. The last things we need this year are more devices and reasons to be glued to glowing boxes for even more time. Since so many parents and kids have spent SO much time online, wouldn’t it be nice to find screen-free gifts and have a #digitaldetox? What if stress relief came in the form of something that didn’t turn on and off, but enhanced our relationships?

It’s one of the reasons we created StickTogether ® mosaic sticker puzzles years back in 2015 – to be able to find collaborative, fun, casual connections with that build community. Five years later, our puzzle posters are now found in schools, libraries, homes, hospitals, senior centers, and businesses around the country.

Why? Because they’re a way to bring together people of every age, ability, and background, without training, electricity, or complicated user manuals. It is a return to simplicity and relaxation.

Research has shown that unplugging allows people to focus on real-life connections, which can reduce stress.

Remember those simpler times when we took a breath between tasks?

Remember fun games as a kid that didn’t need to be plugged in or streamed?

Games that relieved stress instead of inducing panic attacks or destructive competitive feelings? Things like:

  • Paint by numbers?
  • Card games?
  • Reading?

StickTogether is just like paint by numbers, but less messy and on a much bigger scale.

How much bigger? It’s up to you. Got a smaller group? Try a 40” x 36” poster that comes with a Standard Size Kit. You will get easy instructions to help you match up nearly 4,000 color-coded stickers each with a matching letter on the grid and then slowly watch your image come to life, one pixel at a time. Have a few more people? Then a Large Format Kit, with 7,000 stickers on a 60” x 36” poster, might be right for you.

If you REALLY cannot get the kids off a screen, we get it. They can still participate in this fun activity – with our Virtual StickTogether puzzles, which are also great for vacations and for sharing across the miles.

But according to the most recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, the average adult spent more than 12 hours in front of a screen every day. Researchers noted that some of those hours may have overlapped between devices, and may have been because of work-from-home situations blamed on the global pandemic, but the screen usage from 2019 over 2018 still shows an increase in eyes on screens.

We hope you can spend some of your non-screen time with us. Our popular PEACE SIGN and MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. kits are both on sale, and it’s not too late to get Seasonal Favorites! We know you will find one that’s perfect for your family, business, group, center, or gathering.

Have you found great ways to reduce stress with your Stick Together posters? We would love to hear from you. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest with #StickTogether or send us an email.

We hope you can recharge and get some peace and quiet during this busy time of year before the next avalanche begins!

Stay safe and sound!

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