Finding Summer Fun Together


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Finding Summer Fun Together

The typical cues that summer is coming — like graduations and vacations to the beach — may look a little different this year, but nothing can stop the seasons from changing.

 And now, more than ever, in this unfamiliar time of sheltering in place, what so many people crave is a brief return to normalcy by getting outside, pursuing hobbies, or reconnecting with friends (while social distancing, of course!).

 No matter what tickles your fancy, you can pair your favorite interest with a StickTogether mosaic sticker puzzle, a fun, low-stress activity that’s perfect for all ages and abilities.

Summer camps may be canceled, but families can create their own interactive, themed experiences!

 Maybe you’ll add some fun to your summer doing one of these:


 Looking up at the stars

Who could blame you for a renewed interest in space, as NASA resumes its crewed spaceflight program in late May? It’s a great time to think about exploration and discovery.

As the temperatures climb, why not plan a close-to-home camping trip in your backyard! After all, the lavatory there is a lot nicer than the campground outhouse, and if you forget anything (like bug spray), you can run in and get it. Then, you can look up at the stars and try to find all of the constellations. (Yes, there’s an app for that.)

When you come back inside, you can keep the fun going and explore the universe of pixels with a new Lift Off puzzle. No engineering degree is required, we swear!

 Fun Summer Activity For Kids


Cultivating your green thumb

Whether you want to plant a garden, or just feel like transforming from a sweatpants-wearing caterpillar into a regal Monarch butterfly, now is the time to reconnect with nature. To attract the most winged creatures, be sure to include Phlox, butterfly bushes, and butterfly weed. Check with your local county extension service or garden center for the best varieties for your location. If your climate allows it, you can also try to plant some cheery sunflowers. The big bright “smiley faces” from nature add cheer and warmth to any garden.

 Bring the colorful blooms and butterflies inside with a Sunflower or Butterfly sticker puzzle, and watch nature come to life with 3,996 stickers.

Maybe there’s an arboretum or state park near your home to explore. Check that the one near you is open.  Many of them are free and/or offering reduced or free admission. When you’re walking through ancient forests, it’s a good time to remember that this is just a moment in time, and we’ll all get through this together. Many people look to the Tree of Knowledge or Tree of Life for strength. You can remember these journeys when you work to create your own Tree, one sticker “leaf” at a time.


Dreaming of travel

Wanderlust is in our DNA. While we wait for hotels to reopen and flights to rebook, why not create a dream board of places you’d like to go? You can even use a colorful patchwork Map of the 50 states to help you. Pick more than one, then start collecting pictures and clippings of potential places to visit. You’ll have lots to talk about when you get ready to plan.



Independence Day

Even though many community fireworks displays have already been canceled, that doesn’t mean that summer shouldn’t include a celebration of America, unity, or neighborhoods. In fact, StickTogether kits can bring people together.

 Libraries, schools, and community centers might not be open, but COVID-19-free gatherings with proper social distancing could still include a celebration of our founding fathers – like the Mt. Rushmore large-format puzzle. Or, there’s always Let’s Celebrate (Fireworks) and the new Flag/Eagle image, for other ways to observe July 4th, 2020


Save and Share

Because we’re all still trying to save a little money, StickTogether is offering most of its standard kits for only $32 while schools are closed – use the code “FAMILY” to save $4 off the regular price when you check out.

No matter what you do, we hope you’ll stay safe, have fun and share your stories with us. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We’d love to see how you’re spending your summer!

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