Finding Zen moments in COVID chaos

Finding Zen moments in COVID chaos

 It’s time to take a deep breath.

 Remember what that was like? Close your eyes. You have time. Truly.

 We know. You’ve worked a long day, helped the kids do their lessons, cooked dinner, and put in some laundry. You still have to take care of yourself, though. With the uncertainty and sadness surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all in need of a way to de-stress and Zen out.

 In fact, besides social distancing and hand washing, experts say that reducing stress is actually a way to stay physically healthy during this unprecedented time.

 The CDC offers ways to manage stress and anxiety in daily life with simple tips like these:


Take breaks

 Get away from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media. One great way to do that is by playing games, reading books, making crafts, or doing puzzles.

 At StickTogether®, we’ve created a collaborative, fun activity for families of all ages to unwind while unleashing some pent-up creative energy.

 Our stress-free mosaic sticker puzzles can get you and yours away from the screens and the noise for some quality time together.


Dream of future vacations

 There’s no better way to unwind than to daydream. We may not be able to travel now, but we can think about the places we’ll go and the things we’ll do when we’re back to normal.

 To help get you in the spirit of those places, you can get hands-on and create puzzles with those images to get you in the mood! Always wanted to visit NYC? Try the Manhattan Bridge!

Are you fantasizing of time out in the sun? Pre-order our beach scene and get ready for the warm, lazy days of summer. You’ll enjoy a “sticker-by-sticker” experience, planning for the trip at a slower pace.


 Bond with nature

 Getting out for a walk and reconnecting with nature can be a way to reset your mind and body.

 So many images in nature also bring genuine happiness, like sunflowers and butterflies.

 If you’re an animal lover, take your cues of Zen from a panda bear playing in bamboo, a playful llama, a bright orange clownfish, or a colorful parrot as part of a StickTogether animal collection pack.

 With each sticker you stick, you’ll feel your stress melt away as a smile spreads across your face.


Set aside time to unwind

Families have been using our puzzles as a relaxed and casual activity for years, during family unions, parties or even for rainy days.

 The best part is that there are no batteries, no subscription fees, and no timers.

 If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner artist, you can look up at the stars with Vincent Van Gogh and his Starry Night.

 You can also let things go in a more literal way, like Edward Munch, with The Scream.


Find time for yourself

Social distancing should mean that you can get away from everyone for a little while.

But it turns out that with all of the Zoom meetings, the homeschooling, the dinner planning and the group activities, sometimes, you just need time with your thoughts. To keep the rest of the household entertained, StickTogether mosaic puzzles are perfect, because they’re engaging enough to keep them interested, but they’re not too complicated that they need your help.

It’s time to take some time for yourself. Then, when you’re recharged and ready, join the family for some fun and make memories – one sticker at a time.

Mitigating stress doesn’t have to be expensive, either. While school is out, all StickTogether standard kits are only $32. Just use the code “FAMILY” at check out.

 What could be easier than that?

 For more information on StickTogether, check us out on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We’d love to hear your stories about how you’ve been finding ways to relax, recharge and unwind!

 “We can’t be together, but we can all StickTogether!” 


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