Fun Ways To Beat The Summer Slide

Did you know that 90% of educators spend at least three weeks re-teaching lessons at the start of the school year? The culprit being the summer slide, a decline of academic skills that can occur over the summer months when kids aren’t in school. Kids essentially lose skills that they learned the previous year, especially in subjects like reading and math.

The summer slide is surprisingly easy to prevent. By having your kids read 20-30 minutes a day you are drastically preventing them from experiencing the summer slide. Do your kids not enjoy reading? Try cooking together, exploring other reading materials like magazines, finding a new hobby, or engaging in meaningful conversations that build vocabulary. The list of ways to keep kids learning over the summer is endless. Find several ideas on fun ways to keep kids learning that beat the summer slide below.

Device Free Time With StickTogether 

Summer is for relaxing, creating, being outdoors, and spending time with our family and friends making special memories together. It’s also a time to get students off their devices so they can connect with each other and take some long, healthy brain breaks.  Activities like StickTogether provide time and space for imaginations to soar and conversations to thrive.

Did you know that kids will also be practicing their STEM skills with StickTogether? If you are looking for ideas on how to bring StickTogether into your summer, Shannon Miller has put together 10 fun ideas for using StickTogether posters this summer. From giving kids the opportunity to continue to create throughout the summer to donating a StickTogether poster to the local library so the entire community can collaborate, you are sure to find lots of ideas in this post 10 Fun Ways To Use StickTogether Posters This Summer.

Make Reading Fun With Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading programs are a great way to keep kids reading over the summer months. Summer reading programs are not only fun, but they are a great way to encourage your kids to read more because of the accountability they have from being part of a program. Remember, 20-30 minutes or reading a day keeps the summer slide away!

We recommend making your first stop for summer reading at your local public library. Many public libraries have programs that give kids the chance to get free books or prizes for reading over the summer. They may also offer other activities like storytime or reading circles. There are also many online programs like Amazon Summer Reading Challenge, Half-Price Books Feed Your Brain, Sync Summer Audiobook Program for Teens, and many more! You can find a big list of programs from Melissa Taylor here, 2021 Free Summer Reading Programs for Kids.

Sharpen Your Kids Mind With Games

Analytical thinking, comprehension, conceptual learning, creativity, and problem-solving are just a few of the skills kids are learning while playing games! Games are also a great way to bond with your kids, all while keeping them entertained. They won’t even know they are sharpening a slew of skills. 

If you are looking for game ideas, this post from Marwah talks has twelve great examples of mind-boggling brain games to active thinking in kids. Each example will list the age range and give an in-depth explanation as to how the game will have your kids thinking. We recommend trying improv games as they are the most fun brain-boosting games!

How are you having fun this summer while beating the summer slide? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. And as always, feel free to send an email to

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