Summer Of Togetherness In Your Neighborhood

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year has left many Americans reporting that they are experiencing more loneliness. However, many are also reporting that their neighbors are helping them feel better during this time! Why would something as simple as our neighbors help us feel better? Because our neighborhood community is what got us through this year, and they are a constant reminder that 'we are all in this together.’

This summer is the perfect time to reconnect and rebuild our neighborhoods. From initiating get-togethers to pitching in to help your neighbors, there are so many fun ways to reconnect with your neighbors.  Below you will find several ideas for ways you can create a summer of togetherness in your neighborhood over the next few months.

Organize A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Start by placing your StickTogether poster outside of your front door or somewhere easy for your neighbors to access. Next, you should decide what items you are going to have kids look for and make a point system for the items when they are found. The easiest way to do this is by having each point equal a certain number of stickers. The children in your neighborhood can create an image together in a day, or over a matter of days or weeks by using multiple scavenger hunts! Kids will be reconnecting with each other while having a great time outside.

StickTogether As A Reward System

Does your neighborhood have a goal they are trying to reach? Maybe your goal is to spend more time reconnecting with each other. Or perhaps you want to add a community garden. Whatever your goal may be, reward your community members with stickers when goals are met! This will motivate your community to stick to your goal while allowing time for a stress-free, device-free, collaborative activity. 


After a year apart and isolated from each other, Let's ALL StickTogether with some new friends. Hide the cover, bring the rest of the kit to a park with a picnic table. Start ’sticking’ and invite passersby to join you. Take pictures and share them with us on social media using hashtag #StickTogetherSummer21 and tagging us @byStickTogether for a chance to get your next kit for FREE.

How are you promoting a summer of togetherness in your neighborhood? Share with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest. And as always, feel free to send an email to

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