Giant Color Sudoku

In our library, we love passive programming. Passive programming is the idea of setting out an activity for students to do at their leisure with no direct instruction from anyone. They are free to explore, create, think, and figure things out on their own. Students love puzzles, legos, and, of course, StickTogether! 
When StickTogether came out with their Color Soduku, I thought this would be a wonderful idea to put on our passive library programming table. However, we don't have a touch-screen television up near the front of the library, so I decided to bring it out of the digital world and into the physical one. 
Using Canva, I created a Color Soduku large poster that I could print out using one of the Color Soduku puzzle on StickTogether's website. You can see the template HERE. The size is 36 X 36, but you don't need a large-scale printer. Just download as a .pdf and then print like a poster! Then cut and tape it together! I also created a blank on just in case I wanted to create a bunch of Color Sodukus over and over again. 
Then I created squares in Google Slides that would be the right size to fit into the blank areas on the poster. You can see those HERE
After everything was put together, I set it out with a basket on the color squares. Instantly, students began working on it! So much collaboration and critical thinking started immediately. Each time a group had solved the puzzle, the squares were swiped away and put back into the basket for another group to solve. 
It was a huge hit, and we're excited to bring this into our rotating passive programming table in our library!
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  • this is a wonderful game!


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