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I typically host face-to-face Virtual Stickerboard™ Pixel Parties for my middle school students once a month as one of the special morning events in my Media Center. Students sign up in advance and bring their laptops. I post the unique Virtual Stickerboard links within our learning management system for them to access when they arrive. StickTogether allows up to three hundred individuals to participate at a time, but I limit the number of students that can attend based on the amount of seating in my library. You can also limit the number of stickers that can be placed per day, but I do not advise that with this type of event. My Pixel Parties are structured to include three different Virtual Stickerboards. I set them up on the dashboard as scheduled events. I stagger the start times for each Virtual Stickerboards so that I can control when each one unlocks. I divide our 25-minute time limit into three segments. I usually title them “Pixel Party #_” and the date so that the students can easily distinguish between them.  You have the option to personalize the completion message for each.

I enable bonus pixels for each Virtual Stickerboard. StickTogether will let you choose up to forty bonus pixels per image. I usually enable four bonus pixels for each, which means that there is a dozen per Pixel Party. The bonus pixels are randomly placed on each Virtual Stickerboard. A box will pop up on their screen to alert them when they click on a bonus pixel. I instruct them to show me the box so that I can provide them with a prize. You can also consult the winner board on your dashboard. Currently, I am giving out tokens for students to cash in at our book vending machine for a free book of their choice. Prizes can be simple and inexpensive, such as a piece of candy or a sticker, or they can be more extravagant, such as stress balls or food/drinks. School swag, homework passes, or special privileges are also good incentive options. 

If around 30-40 students participate at once, they can complete three Virtual Stickerboards in a 25-30 minute time frame.  If we do not finish all three images in the morning, I leave the links up so that the students can continue during their own free time.  I pull the Virtual Stickerboard links up on my Promethean board during Pixel Parties so that we can see a large version of the whole image in the room. The students often zoom in on their laptop screens to see the letters more easily. We all really enjoy the fact that we can view the progress in real time. Once we get rolling, I will do a split screen view on my board so that they can see two Virtual Stickerboards at once. There is usually music playing in the background to provide an upbeat or chill vibe. I routinely have at least one digital Virtual Stickerboard available online for students to access whenever they like. However, I only enable bonus pixels for my Pixel Parties. We also regularly have a physical StickTogether Sticker Poster Kit available on a table in the library for students to work on.  

My StickTogether Pixel Parties have become quite popular with my students.  They enjoy being able to socialize while collaborating on creating something.  Students get excited to predict what the image is going to be, as well as to try to find the bonus pixels. They also strategize which image they want to work on during the parties. I love the fact that all students can participate and have equal chances of winning, regardless of ability. I have some students with special needs and/or learning challenges who often join in the fun. Pixel Parties could be hosted with elementary students, middle school students, high school students, or adults. StickTogether is an inclusive project that brings people together. This type of activity is excellent to promote social emotional wellness.  It is important for us to take brain breaks and participate in activities that decrease stress. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and/or follow me on social media.


Amy McMichael

Media Specialist at Dutchman Creek Middle School

Lead Librarian for Secondary Schools in Rock Hill School District


@DCMSMediaCenter on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

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