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StickTogether = Stress Relief for Exam Period and More

There’s lots of research about the stress reducing effects of coloring books and other art therapies. Over this past 6 months we kept hearing ‘stickerers’ of all ages making the same observation about StickTogether. “This is so relaxing, it’s addictive,” is a common refrain. At the ALA Mid-Winter Meeting in Atlanta, dozens of College Librarians told us that StickTogether would be a great addition to their Finals Period Stress Reduction programs!

Here are some related quotes that came over social media recently:

"I have a wellness fair coming up and would like to use it as an example of a calming, stress reducer activity. Instead of "color me calm" it would be "sticker me calm"
“After working on the #mysterypicture at #ssl2017, I had to order one for EOY stress relief for my teachers (& myself!)”
"I think this is a great stress reduction and bonding tool for kids as we enter testing."

 As we enter this stressful ‘end of year’ period of exams and transitions...

Let’s ALL Keep Calm and StickTogether!

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