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4 Fun, New StickTogether Stories

Bonding Collaboration Community Building End of Year Celebrations

We love to hear about the different ways our community is using our new Large Format Sticker Mosaic Posters!

Here are four of our favorite Large Format StickTogether Stories:

- At a conference with over 10,000 attendees expected, registrants were given a few stickers to add to the Large Format StickTogether image as they entered. By the end of the day, as the attendees departed, the image was complete.

-At a family reunion, 8 members of the younger generation finished Large Format Starry Night in ONE evening after dinner, with the adults circling in from time to time.

-A high school library posted a Large Format StickTogether in the hallway outside the front door, expecting it to last for a month. 3 days later it was completed, with all grades participating, and some students 'stickering' during lunch and after school.

-In an office, where two offices were combined in a new space, the Large Format StickTogether in the break room was a great way to integrate the two teams. They finished the image in under a week! 

What's your Large Format StickTogether story? Please share it in the comments below, on social media @byStickTogether, or email us at info@letsticktogether.com.

Let's ALL StickTogether MORE!

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  • Anne Keller on

    I saw a Facebook post where a library conference had a sticker poster for participants to work on. A light bulb went off in my head and thought it would be a great after school project for kids coming to the Library after school. Many times they are just waiting for a ride, doing homework or hanging out with friends. Our library is on our fourth puzzle and have three more ready to go. It is extremely popular and wish I knew about this company sooner!
    -Anne Keller
    Teen Services Librarian
    Tecumseh District Library

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