Coping in a new normal – Seeking Zen in Chaos

Activities for kids during quarantine

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Coping in a new normal – Seeking Zen in Chaos


The Covid-19 outbreak has meant sweeping changes for all of us as health care workers tend to the sick and the government tries to adopt policies to protect the public.

Schools, offices, libraries, restaurants, and bars are closing and many families are now facing the challenge of balancing work, teaching, and entertainment duties at home, as self-isolation is the new norm in the age of quarantine.

We truly hope you and your families are staying safe and want to help you find ways to make this challenging time a little easier.

Screen time will get old quickly, and the group of people in each home will need to find ways to have fun. These activities will need to be inclusive, engaging, and accessible for everyone.

Something calming.

We know just the thing. For years, students, teachers, seniors and corporate groups have used StickTogether®, our mosaic puzzle project, as a way to bring people together.

Find some Zen

Turn off the news, put down Twitter and focus on something creative and relaxing that you can work on to clear your mind for a while.

We’re dealing with a tough situation around the world right now, but mental health experts agree that taking breaks is essential. The real-world situation will be there when we return.

The variety of mosaic puzzles offered by Stick Together will allow families with interests in travel, art, nature, and history to take part. Watch as an image comes to life, and your worries melt away for a while.

It’s been proven that projects like this can actually help combat loneliness and isolation. Dr. Kristen Lyons, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, said working together toward a shared goal promotes a sense of connectedness – which we need more than ever right now.

She said StickTogether puzzles have also been shown to promote relaxation. The colorful puzzles aren’t overwhelming with multiple stimuli like video games – but they do offer something engaging on which to focus.

Fun for all

Don’t worry. It’s not hard to learn. The best thing about StickTogether puzzles is how easy they are. The simple color key makes it simple for all ages and skill levels to participate. Just use the included key, match up the color to the letter, and start sticking. Before you know it, thousands of individual stickers will come together to create one stunning image.

Standard format puzzles create a 40’’ x 36’’ poster made out of nearly 4,000 stickers and large format stickers measure 60’’ x 36’’ with more than 7,000 stickers!

We’re just like you

Many of you may be home working on crafts. Our inventor, Sylvia Stein, created StickTogether as a way to engage other Makers in a collaborative, fun, casual project. Now, we’re a part of enthusiastic StickTogether communities across the country.

This is a tough time for the country. We just hope that you and your family will love these projects as much as classrooms full of students and centers full of active seniors have done.


Use code FAMILY at checkout to save $4 on all standard kits while school is out! We can't all be together, but we can all StickTogether! 

Inspire each other

We want to hear from you, too. Let us know how you’re doing. Do you have ideas to share with other StickTogether families? We’d love to hear from you. You can also see ideas from others. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, and take advantage of our spring sale!



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