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Teachers and parents looking for engaging, inclusive activities need a flexible option that can be enjoyed by children of different ages and those with special physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional needs.

One fun solution is a colorful, collaborative project that can be done one sticker at a time.

StickTogether, a color-by-number mosaic puzzle, allows children to take part in a group activity while learning and working together. The hands-on project can last as long as attention spans do – and the inclusive nature of the project allows many students to be part of the finished artwork.

Proven Benefits

Dr. Kristen Lyons, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, said the StickTogether products offer multiple benefits to children with special needs.

“StickTogether combines art-making and logical thinking in a fun, low-stress collaborative activity,” Lyons said. “From a psychological perspective, the activity provides benefits for the whole person.”

Lyons said children with autism, attention deficit disorder, or difficulties with emotion regulation may benefit from activities that can be used in a flexible manner.

By removing barriers and obstacles for those with special needs, StickTogether encourages school socialization for elementary school students – and can be an excellent tool for parents or teachers who can use them to continue activities after class.

The easy-to-use combination of a grid and color-coded stickers can be used to improve, practice or enhance visual scanning, eye-hand coordination, color and letter recognition, and social interaction. By leveling the playing field, the puzzle can allow children of all abilities and personalities to relax and create something beautiful together.

Creative Inclusive Activity For All Ages

Supporting Child Development

Lyons said StickTogether offers benefits to support the child’s development from all sides, including physical, cognitive, and social/emotional facets, rather than being narrowly focused on just one outcome.

Physical benefits include body movement, sensations, and brain function. Several areas of the brain are activated as students take the stickers from the sheets and place them on the grid.

As each mosaic begins its formation, teachers or parents can discuss with the children what the picture might turn into. The anticipation of waiting for an image to emerge can create opportunities for sustained attention and working memory. Working on the vibrantly colored picture also taps cognitive skills like perception, problem-solving, and language. Students build on their ability to follow directions as they are guided in the correct placement of stickers.

Social and emotional abilities are developed during interactions with one another, impulse control is reinforced, and self-esteem is nourished. Users can take turns placing stickers, learn patience as they wait for the image to slowly reveals itself, and finally, feel a sense of pride when they finish the creation.

Teachers or parents can also use StickTogether projects as a reward – to allow children the chance to add stickers after completing certain tasks.

Picking the Perfect Project

By fostering connections, students work as a team toward a similar goal, helping each other. The community task prevents a competitive element that often creates barriers between students of different ages and abilities.

And there’s a puzzle perfect for every curious child in classrooms or homes at any time of the year.

Whether it’s animals, hot air balloons, or seasonal patterns, all StickTogether kits come with everything you’ll need to entertain your unique group. Each pack includes a coded poster grid, a color key, 4,000 ½-inch colored stickers and detailed instructions. We even include some extra stickers in case a few get lost.

Select from our standard 40’’ x 36’’ format with nearly 4,000 stickers, or the large format with more than 7,000 bright pieces to stick on a 60’’ x 36’’ grid.

Our colorful collaborations have been enjoyed by groups in classrooms and libraries, by seniors and for corporate and marketing events. We can even create custom images for special events. Contact us for more information.

Even More Colorful Creations

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the mosaic is complete. Completed posters can be taped to a wall or framed for display.

Then it’s time to move on to the next creative endeavor for your family or classroom.

We’ve got dozens of other popular designs available, including a few bundles of 4 kits at a reduced price, and we’re creating new ones all the time. With a wide variety and sale offerings from time to time, teachers and parents will be able to find fun, affordable projects to sustain inclusive school projects throughout the year.

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