Dreaming of Teaching Hands-on History

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activity


Dreaming of Teaching Hands-on History

In an age where attention spans are short and the latest streaming fad changes overnight, finding something new to catch the attention of students can be a challenge – especially when teaching serious, complex subjects like history and civil rights.  When discussing a visionary leader like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., adding a creative element to a curriculum can create another layer of interest for students who are overwhelmed with media coming from every direction. Teachers need innovative solutions.


Watching history come alive

Since no modern phone is without pictures on Instagram or Snapchat there’s no better way to be immersed in history than watching it come alive in a giant photograph.  

King’s message of inclusion, equality, diversity and a world where anyone could achieve their dreams was seared into the nation’s consciousness at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28, 1963. It was during that speech, with the crowd assembled around him at the Lincoln Memorial that photographer Francis Miller captured the iconic image that appeared on the covers of magazines, newspapers and even inspired political campaign ads decades later.

 The hero pose captures his strength, his compassion and his determination he used to spread his message. Now, your classroom can work together to re-create the famous image during a hands-on history lesson using an interactive, fun product called StickTogether. This mosaic puzzle is created with 4,000 stickers, color-coded to form one image a little at a time. Think of it as a Polaroid developing slowly.


Martin Luther King Jr. Puzzle



How to use StickTogether? It’s simple.

Instead of paint-by-numbers, it’s stick-by-numbers. Using 3,996 stickers, a 40” x 36” poster grid and a color key, you’ll use teamwork, patience and a sense of anticipation to create the image.  The closer you get to watch the image come alive, the more exciting it gets.  

 Tips and tricks to help your group get the best results are included in the instructions. The grid can be placed on a large, flat table, mounted on foam core or taped to a wall. We recommend using 3M Poster Command Strips® for our projects. They’ll be sturdy, but come off easily without leaving marks on your wall.


Tailored for any group

The best thing about StickTogether is you can decide how to best incorporate the project into your perfect learning plan. There’s no rush to finish your new masterpiece. Complete it all in one day, make it a long-term endeavor, work it into your lesson plans as a reward or an incentive to add to the mosaic puzzle after a great day.

The best part is that all ages, abilities, grades and backgrounds can work on it together. No special skills or training is needed. Moreover, this image will spark discussions that will last a lifetime.



Secret Message

Even better, this particular project is special.

This NEW Edition has a Secret Message coded into the poster. To reveal the inspiring message, use the first stickers to 'sticker' the specially coded squares. Once the Secret Message is spelled out. Use the rest of the stickers to fill in the mosiac and watch as the Secret Message blends into the image. Your “Wow! We made that?” moment will be doubled after the message is revealed.

Holidays, seasons and famous art pieces

Don’t let the fun and learning stop there. After you’ve finished this StickTogether project, try another. These colorful collaborations don’t stop at the schoolhouse door. Share a magical moment of community with a civic group, church gathering, college reunion or corporate gathering. Seasonal images (think Jingle Bells) and specialty original projects (like your company logo) are also available for your sticking pleasure. There’s no limit to creativity.  Just your imagination.


Order early.  MLK Day is Jan. 21, 2020  

All StickTogether kits are shipped soon after we receive your order. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be observed this year on Monday, Jan. 21, 2020. Pair readings, films, and instruction with this fun, interactive activity that brings people together. Why not be the teacher who puts play into learning?

Fostering interpersonal connections and collective achievement through making and creating as a group is OUR dream. What’s yours?

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