StickTogether for Employee Engagement

As the planner of this month’s staff meeting, these are the things you don’t want to overhear as you leave the conference room:

 “Why did we waste our time at that meeting?”

“I have REAL work to do!”

“Why do I even go? I never get to participate.”

What’s the solution? Engage people with a creative, collaborative project that’s accessible for everyone, like StickTogether. This innovative activity is for groups of all sizes and there’s no training needed. Simply “Paint by Pixels,” but with easy to handle, colorful stickers.

 Follow these tips for great results, to spark employee creativity and foster connections and engagement.


Create collaborative rather than competitive spaces


Most days’ teams are asked to reach certain goals or benchmarks. Teams, at times, are put in competitive situations. What if you could put aside balance sheets, deadlines, and competition in exchange for colorful collaboration? Would the tenor in the room change?

 The only chart you’ll need for this is the color key that helps match colorful stickers to the masterpiece in the making. Think “color by numbers” on a larger scale.

 Everyone is responsible for the success, from the person who creates the eye of the Tiger, to the one who sticks into place the final pixel of the Mona Lisa. It’s a collective achievement and every sticker counts.


Offer activities that are original—not childish


Nobody wants to feel silly in front of their colleagues. StickTogether helps build new connections and strengthen existing relationships by encouraging teamwork.

 Lots of individual, vibrant stickers create the mosaic sticker posters a little at a time. It’s fun, but there’s also the factor of mystery and wonder. What will it become? Maybe it’s a Hot Air Balloon or a Llama. (A Llama? Yes. There’s a llama.) Could it be a Rainbow Unicorn? Who knows? This low-stress, device-free time might even lead to some laughter.


Keep sticking together


Finding time during the workday can be challenging. After work and weekend retreats are for the birds.  An average standard mosaic image takes about two hours for three to five people to complete (when doing continuous sticking).  However, the mosaic sticker posters can be completed a little bit at a time… over time.

 Build employee engagement during coffee breaks and regular brain breaks by posting a StickTogether poster in a break room for people to work on like a group puzzle.  Help create a Parrot or King Tut while clearing their head.

 StickTogether sticker mosaic puzzle posters can also be hatched over several days during a corporate retreat. 



Be mindful of all employees


Many generations of employees, from all countries and backgrounds, now fill office spaces. It can be an HR challenge to find something that is appropriate and engaging for all the diverse employees working together in your corporate space.

 Stickers put nearly everyone on an even playing field – from career Vice Presidents to Summer Interns.  

 Art lovers may light up as they recognize their creation turning into Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The company marketing whiz might get a gleam in his eye when he realizes that the final product is the company’s logo—in a custom StickTogether image.

 With nearly 4,000 stickers for a standard size mosaic puzzle kit or more than 7,000 pieces of fun in a large format, the activity automatically becomes inclusive. 


Solve problems together


If workers can create this puzzle together as a team in a low-stakes environment, they can recreate it in a high-profile space.

The sticker mosaic posters do more than bring people together during an activity, they activate the creative part of the brain.

 Stuck on a way to break through a problem on the latest iteration of the software rollout? Maybe adding some sky blue to the top of that corner will spark an idea. Successful ideas keep people motivated.


Engagement for Success


But why does that matter?

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, 34 percent of U.S. employees are engaged, 53 percent were not engaged, and 13 percent were actively disengaged.

Companies with more employee engagement earn more, see less turnover and are more productive according to Gallup. Studies also show that engaged employees are healthier, saving companies money in health care premiums.

StickTogether won’t fix your corporate culture but is an affordable, fun way to start getting everyone to connect casually. Choose one of the popular images from the collection OR order a custom StickTogether image.

Soon those whispers coming out of the meeting will be, “Wow! We made that?!”

Find out more about StickTogether and see what your team can create!

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